Sport is fascinating and exciting, but not always fair. Rowing is no exception. Despite gender inequality, behind-the-scenes machinations, financial injustice, and other problems in the system, rowing attracts women all over the world to dedicate their time, passion, and energy to the sport. They compete, they coach, and they fight to improve the conditions for rowers in general. Dive into the remarkable testimonies of inspiring and tough women from all over the world who talk about their rowing experience and about how their lives have been affected by a sport where you win by going backward as fast as you can. These women reveal their victories and defeats, their challenges and fears, and also their ideas on how to make the world of rowing a safer and more equal environment.


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When creating my dream team of Women's Voices in Rowing, I was looking for strong stories. Having a fantastic list of victories, medals and achievements wasn't enough for me. I was seeking drama, conflict, tension.

Each of the women featured in the book is unique, fighting her own battles and living her ups and downs. But every single one of them is tremendously forceful, empowering and worth to read about.

about the autor

At the age of 10, I came to my dad and told him I wanted to start rowing. Why, he asked? Because it's the best sport in the world… I learned my first rowing techniques on the Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic, my homeland. During my rowing career I received a rowing scholarship to Washington State University and collected medals at world cups and world championships. I spent 15 years chasing my Olympic dream but it never happened for me.

I traveled the world and I tried to learn from the best ones. I fell in love with rowing but I also ended up hating it. My federation didn’t protect me from harassment and threats that occurred when I was in training for the Rio Olympics. This experience changed me deeply. It also helped me to find the inner passion for rowing, for the sport where we don’t see where we are going.

our mission

Inspired by the solutions journalism, through the sale of each book, we will donate 1 EUR/1 USD to World Rowing who established a new World Rowing Gender Equality, Inclusion, and Diversity Commission that will support diversity among our sport. Let's support fair treatment and sportsmanship around the world together.

already raised for FISA


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What Our Readers Say


Daniela, not surprisingly, has given the rowing world through her conversations with successful women rowers and important female leaders in our sport a book that will probably become a reference piece bookending the 50 years from Title IX to Agenda 2020."

— Larry Gluckman

excerpt from his Foreword


I do really like it though. Not an in your face book on inequality, but a more powerful one about the movers who are making it happen. Understated and powerful, they deserve recognition

— David Thomas

Wintech Racing Engineer

And many more

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Through different generations of female rowers, we witness the evolution of rowing. Cultural, sexual, and political changes are happening and it’s up to us to look at them and learn from them, because somewhere out there the next Tricia, Sandi, Ursula, or Emma is picking up the oars for the first time.

The mission of this book is to give a voice to the women in the sport and inspire the next generation of female rowers by showing them the strong women who blazed the trail.

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